Saturday, 25 May 2013

Excessively dim or complicated!

I have to confess that websites are not for the faint hearted. It took me three goes to order a new ink cartridge from Amazon - I nearly ended up with 5. Fortunately the polite  messenger - I like to think of him as a gorgeous male. Ok, don't rush to tell me that it's automatic, that will spoil my daydream.
Anyway, up the message comes. Are you seriously ordering 5 cartridges? So I cancelled it and after a suitable amount of time, tried again.

And take Goodreads site. Apologies all round but I still can't work out how to put on a recommendation. I promise you I have read far more than 4 books this year. And I've clicked every single button - but I still can't add books and review them.

The next generation of websites need to be far more user friendly. If they start from the premise that we are all idiots - we just might get a usable website.
A Few exceptions: renewing your tax disc on line - now that's simple. But I still phone First Great Western when I want a train ticket. Why - because that's even simpler!

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