Wednesday, 18 December 2013

A Brave New World

I had a very nice phone. Cost £10 and, yes, maybe I had carried it about for two years before learning how to text. But I did it and can now text my granddaughter when I am collecting her from school no problem. And, yes, maybe it did spend most of the time switched off so I missed all the alerts from Orange and the occasional 'missed call' from my granddaughter but it worked..

And it was there in an emergency.
Then one night I saw my daughter's phone. With consummate ease, reminding me of an Olympic gymnast, she flipped through photographs, maps, books, more photographs, train timetables .... and it was big and luxurious looking, and as drool-worthy as a chocolate cake.

So I entered the world of modern technology and bought a really, really proper phone - you know the type that you have to recharge every night and the app of Google will tell you where to go and take a picture of it. A tutorial from my daughter and I am away.
Next day, a second tutorial from my daughter but I am not wearing my glasses this time, so haven't a clue what she is on about when she points to a blue blob on the screen and announces, this is where I live.
This is followed next day by a tutorial from my granddaughter, who introduces me to QUERTY and would kill for a phone like mine. To show me how to use it, she snatches it away - presses keys at the speed of light  says,'there you are' and hands it back, leaving me no wiser.

Five days on - and I am asking myself why did I bother. I really was quite content to take a book in my handbag, read a map and charge my battery on my old phone every 3 weeks.

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