Monday, 18 June 2012

What a crazy world.

Where do you begin to sort out logic from total unmitigated, unacceptable rubbish?
Take the doctors. 50 years ago, they were hard-worked, under-paid but so, so caring. You phoned the doctor and he came in the night. He saved my life at 3 in the morning, when I had peritonitis.
Now they are thinking of going on strike!
We finally got a hospital in Somerset. Glastonbury. We waited twenty years for something that improved the lot of mankind by nothing. We still have to drive 30 miles to A & E in Yeovil if there’s anything wrong because all the money was spent on an elaborate building where old-people could be given long-term care and they can’t afford to staff it with doctors who can do more than put a plaster on.
And, how come in this modern, technological, all-singing, all-dancing age you can’t get to see a doctor? You have to plan your illness. Look at the calendar and decide you will be ill in two weeks’ time when the doctor can see you.
Even an emergency. ‘I’m so sorry but the doctor’s emergencies are all taken and so are his phone-calls. Please try later!

It’s crazy – it’s ridiculous and it shouldn’t happen. In 1901 – perhaps but not in 2012.

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