Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Aliens have landed

You know those stories about UFO's - doesn't it seem strange that since the turn of this century they've all disappeared. No longer do seriously intuitive people see their ships criss-crossing the sky at night like the tail-end of a comet. If I was a believing man, I might say - they've gone because they've completed their mission.

Next time you see kids in the street - take a good hard look. They're most likely aliens in disguise. Nothing else can account for the ease with which they manipulate technology. Take my granddaughter! She walked into my house last Sunday and proceeded to grab a bunch of wires and connect my radio to my cd system - which by the way I've had for at least 7 years without being able to use it - and get it working perfectly in 2 seconds flat.

Logic says that's not normal. I'm normal. She has to be a supreme being - in other words an alien. People like me can't possibly be alien - we are definitely earthbound humans. How do you tell? I would have needed at least a half hour, plus specs, magnifying glass, dictionary, instruction,s and a large glass of wine before I could make it work.

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