Friday, 6 April 2012

To be ... beautiful or not to be ... beautiful

Samantha Brick's article in the Daily Mail, about woman disliking her for being so beautiful while airline pilots send her champagne, is a delight. Although no longer young, I was once mixing with princes, prime ministers, world-famous sportsmen, films start, and not a few beautiful woman, including the 1970 Miss World, Jennifer Hosten.

What strata of society does Samantha move in, where women are so jealous of her beauty they dislike her on sight? Definitely not top drawer. Beautiful women - and I emphasise the world beautiful - in my experience are as lovely on the inside as the out. If it is just the outer skin, people rarely find them beautiful and then they cold-shoulder them. I do hope that's not the reason why Samantha find herself out in the cold.

 To give her the benefit of the doubt, either she is writing the article tongue in cheek or she is seeking publicity - and that she has got in spades. I congratulate her on a job well-done.

Note to self:  But what if she really believes this. No way. Nice looking she is, but no show-stopper. I have seen women walk into a room and reduce it to total silence. Would Samantha even be noticed? 

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