Sunday, 29 April 2012

My latest love affair

I have a new love in my life - no it's not a man. Its railways! Okay, so perhaps railways and men have some similarities. Neither are totally dependable. Frequently, they arrive late and the slightest bit of cold weather and they can't get started in the morning. But unlike men, trains are rarely short tempered, in fact train managers behave with great chivalry and cheerfulness. And trains go pretty much everywhere these days whereas you often have trouble getting the man in your life to even go to the supermarket. And can men introduce you to an amazing kaleidoscope of new people, new places and new scenery? You'd need to change your lover weekly to get the changes in scenery that railways can offer. Usually with men it's same-oh same-oh, and where's my dinner? Of course, Reading's a mess, bitterly cold and nowhere to sit, and the ladies loo at Paddington remains a disgrace even though they have rebuilt most of it. But St Pancras is divine. It's an amazing feeling when, ticket in hand, you arrive at the station and find the train waiting ready to board. You definitely can't do that with a man.

On the downside, if you're waiting at Reading, do keep your eyes peeled on platform 7. Trains arriving there have a nasty habit of leaving behind passengers who are sheltering from the wind and don't hear it arrive. Hmm - that is definitely not like a man - you always know when they arrive!

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  1. Hi Barbara its Anna here, Mel's Friend I'm over at Wordpress so kinda like your neighbour haha! I like your writing and I'm glad I can keep up with your progress now, I'm trying to find out how to add the blogs I like to my one so will do that soon and add you on. Here is mine below I hope you like it..