Friday, 11 May 2012

Getting the priorities right

Ok – we all know the world is changing but why do we always throw the baby out with the bathwater. There’s loads of good stuff we've got rid of that we should have kept. Um … like men standing up for women on the bus for instance, and saying ‘good morning’ instead of ‘Alright?’ and if cars are parked on your side of the road, the oncoming traffic has priority!
But things have gone too far when McDonalds change the recipe for their milk shakes!  They were the closest thing to heaven that you could find. For ten minutes after you bought them you waited, saliva dripping from the corners of your mouth, for the ice cream to melt enough to slurp it up through the straw. They were so divine that when I collected my daughter from hospital after having her appendix out, we stopped at McDonalds for a Big Mac and shake. (Don’t get me started on Big Macs!). We also stopped there on the way back from hospital after she had her first baby.
On Saturday after a long day signing books at Waterstones in Canterbury, (It was fabulous if you are asking. Running and Time Breaking are super reads) I arrived at Paddington hot, thirsty and exhausted.” Chocolate milkshake,” I said 
… how could they! I was almost apoplectic with disgust.  Chocolate powder carelessly sprinkled into vanilla mush? (Guessing here but I presume a strawberry milkshake is strawberry powder carelessly sprinkled into vanilla mush and banana ... well, you get it.)

I mean, I’ll put up with horrendous weather, overcrowding on the tubes, delays on the railway & a lousy government - again. But changing a life-saving milk shake? What are they thinking about?

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