Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Frothing at the mouth

I try to erupt on Twitter but it's not a serious medium so blogging it has to be. So what's got me so riled?

I guess the fact that politicians never learn. In comes a new government and immediately they decide to change everything - no waiting to find out what actually works. A good headteacher changes nothing in the first year of a new appointment. The old adage ' if it ain't broke don't fix it' would save the government billions of wasted money - tax payers money naturally. But do they take notice - no.

So having decided to waste billions changing the health service which was at last becoming efficient, they have turned their attention to roads. Living in the country, thousands of us suffer from a lack of transport. Our last bus to Bath is 5.40 p.m. What happens to workers who finish at 6 p.m.? Cars are a life-line. And now they are talking toll roads! At least they aren't talking but exactly like gas, electricity etc. etc. etc. this is how it will end up. So I am angry. In times like this I wish we were more like the French - expressing disapproval by a visible presence on the streets.

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