Wednesday, 25 August 2010

In the past two weeks, I have met up with holiday-makers and tourists in Lymington and Weston super Mare.

A big wheel dominates the sea front in Weston and while they are upgrading the paving stones, orange bollards are scattered like snowball, resulting in hysterical lines of traffic cluttering up the seafront. Lymington is 83 miles from me. Reached by driving through Salisbury, it is a pleasant, easy drive in the early morning but a definite no-go area when people have finished their shopping and drive home.

Lyndhurst is worse - Someone needs to move the road or the town!

Once there, positioning myself at a table in Waterstones, I find it very nerve-wracking talking myself up - I mean - how big headed is it to say your own book is good and worth reading - even if it is!

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