Monday, 14 November 2016

Picking a Christmas Winner

A Dangerous Game of Football was published in 2008. A fantasy adventure about a boy footballer (he and his pals play for Aston Villa Youth Team), it has become a great favourite in primary schools, for two reasons … it’s a real page turner and it’s most important character is a camel, called Bud. 
Until last year, Bud was definitely my favourite comic character from all of my books … and I have written twelve. He is bad tempered, sarcastic and  miserable most of the time. He is also magical and quite, quite wonderful, saving Jack Burnside’s life time after time.
Now relaunched as A Dangerous Game, of course there had to be a second book and a third, simply because the sorcerer Mendorun is still alive. And while he lives, no one is safe because he aims to become the most powerful sorcerer on earth. In the 3rd book of the trilogy, The Lions of Trafalgar, you will meet Capstick, one of the lions that Jack brings alive with magic. Of course, he doesn’t actually mean to do it. At least, he doesn’t mean to bring ALL four lions AND Nelson to life. 
Lord Nelson is super-fun and definitely my all-time favourite character from all my books and Capstick – has he replaced Bud as my all-time comic character? Maybe – but then I think of Kitty in The Amazing Brain of O C Longbotham and wonder?

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