Thursday, 17 April 2014

Fab fiction to while away those sunny days

Turning Point is likely to prove my favourite out of the ten books I have written. Why because it's flies along at a fabulous pace like a high-flying wire act in a circus,  with thrills enough for the most demanding of critics. Even I enjoyed reading it and I wrote it. Could not put it down.


·         Styrus, a computer virus so powerful it can penetrate any computer and steal its secrets, has fallen into the hands of the wrong man.
·         His name – Smith, Mr Smith
·         His ambition – to rule the world

Against a background of riots throughout Europe, Scott Anderson, his father, and their bodyguard, head for Geneva, where Bill, one of the scientists that created Styrus is to address the United Nations., At long last, the knowledge that he has held in secret for fifteen years can be passed over to the world body, leaving them free to take up their lives again. To celebrate, Bill and Scott plan a holiday.
Then Scott overhears a secret conversation and, within hours he is fleeing for his life.

This time their enemies will make certain no one survives...

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