Thursday, 29 May 2014

Views from the US

If I had to confess what gave me the inspiration to write my thriller, Running, it is my love of the US and the generosity of its people. And I am delighted that the book is being read by an American audience.

Really Great Story and Writing, May 27, 2014
Nolen (Houston, TX) - 
This review is from: Running (Kindle Edition)
I was intrigued from the first few paragraphs. The earthquake scene had me believing for that instant that this was an end-of-the-world sort of story. It isn't. But it's that good. After the earthquake that shook California off of the United States to bury it beneath the Pacific Ocean, the story begins again in England. I loved the discussion from the teens about Americanisms used by other students. The big secret in this "broom cupboard" discussion is that two of these students are Americans hiding the fact. Because after the earthquake the rest of the world has "disowned" the U.S., cut them off from import, export, and everything else. So being an American is not something to be proud of, even in Britain, or so thinks young Scott Anderson. For this reason he keeps it quiet. He doesn't realize that there is a far more important reason to keep himself to himself. From a fast-paced chase from Cornwall to Scotland and then to Holland, Scott doesn't know who to believe much less trust, and neither does the reader. Recommended reading!!!
Running by Barbara Spencer
Sequel: Turning Point 
YA Thriller

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