Sunday, 12 July 2015

The vaguaries of British weather

Summer has arrived and with it boiling hot days followed by chill nights and grey rain-soaked mornings. Surely, with all the research carried out in this country, it would be possible to let us know once and for all if we possess the most diverse climate in the world ... although I believe Melbourne, Australia, might run us pretty close. But not overtake ...

Where I live in the west country, within a mile or two we possess at least three different climates.
Streets and Glastonbury can be dry and sunny, the opposite of the city of Wells, a couple of miles distant, where it is often dull and overcast if not actually raining. The Mendip Hills play a big part in our weather but I am positive that aliens are to blame, when they established runes through Glastonbury with another through the village of Coxley. Here as if there is a No Entry sign in the middle of the road, the rain often stops dead. There's another line right through my property, small as it is. It can be raining in the back garden but not the front.
How weird you say?

And only two miles from Wells on the Bath road, the gentle slope has slush changing to snow, which lingers longer, with flowers blooming ten days later.

And Shepton Mallet! Less than nine miles away - I take a sweater even on a hot day.

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