Sunday, 27 March 2016

Once upon a time ...

I used to love getting up in the mornings. As a children's author, the fun-filled frolics of my characters filled my heart with light and laughter.
No more!
Since I decided to go it alone and write for an older audience, I have become a droop-faced moody creature for whom the cut and thrust of battle-filled pages belongs in the past. Instead, chained to my desk facing a list of 'things to be done today', my little pleasures (Oliver Twist) have been taken away by the need to market my own books.
For many of us, for whom the written word was a life-engendering force, the trend towards self-publishing is ... at the very least, an uncomfortable experience. At its worst, it is like a manned-mission to Mars. Unthinkable! The excitement on children's faces as they dipped into O C Longbotham or one of Jack Burnside's Dangerous Adventures, or the sight of my books on a shelf in the public library, it was enough to send me scurrying to find a notebook and pencil to write down my latest ideas.

These days, I don't bother to ask, 'who IS the bell tolling for' because I know damn well it is tolling for me. When faced with the list below, like the favourite at the Cheltenham Gold Cup, I fall at the first fence ...

  1. mail your contacts to announce it.
  2. Create a post on your blog—include an image and an audio sample.
  3. Post a status update on Facebook, and link to your product page at online retailers.
  4. Tweet about it.
  5. Send influential colleagues and reviewers a synopsis or free copy of your audiobook.
  6. Ask key peers and colleagues if they would help share the news by emailing or tweeting about your book.
  7. Request listener reviews from your contacts. Retailers that are selling your book will allow for reviews.
  8. Review related titles on Amazon and link your reviews back to your Author Page on Amazon.
  9. Respond to or retweet any commentary you receive.
  10. Encourage your audience to buy your book

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